10 Days of Plein Air

I recently was lamenting about a season in my life which left me unable to be in the studio. For my friends who follow me on Instagram, you may have caught it.

an image from my recent post on IG. "Brad" colored pencil on Bristol paper 2019

If not, here's the gist : My dad has been very dangerously and unexpectedly sick due to an infection on his spine, which gave him MRSA (he is recovering and home finally), my house is being renovated leaving my studio unreachable/unusable for another month, I teach full-time and I'm the mother of a toddler who never stops moving. I know this season is not forever. But knowing that this period in my life is only temporary it doesn't make the longing any less. As I was ruminating about potential solutions for my dry-spell I came across this video by Maria Brophy.