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Silver Lining

As cliches goes, "When one door closes another door opens" has got to be in the top ten. In fact, it may be in the top 3. Right in there with "Don't cry over spilled milk". (I don't by the way, because I don't drink milk, huzzah cliches!)

So what I'm really trying to say is...a door opened! I will be showing my artwork at the Bamboozle Tea Lounge in the Channelside district this fall! If you'd like to check out Bamboozle, click here.

The show will be this fall : Thursday,October 2nd - Thursday, November 6th

Stay tuned for more updates on this show this year!



In the meantime, I'm looking for models for some new projects this year. Unfortunately, I can't reimburse any models monetarily, but I can gaurantee your face immortalized in a drawing or painting which will be broadcasted on my facebook page, instagram, twitter, used in upcoming shows and possibly bought by an art collector.

I'm looking for women in their teens - 30s in the Tampa Bay area who would be available for at least an hour for my pop pop pop series. You would need to be comfortable being photographed in a bathing suit. Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested here:



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