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Read it, because.

Happy Banned Books Week!

Do yourself a solid and read, two, three, ah ah ah[Count Dracula laugh] banned books.

Celebrate your ability to read THIS post and your freedom to check-out/buy/download any book you see fit! That's right, even when a book is showing us how not to be a racist (To Kill a Mockingbird), warns us about the pitfalls of censorship (Farenheit 451) or shows a little side-boob (Where's Waldo ,1978) - you can read it!

According to this quiz on Buzzfeed, I haven't cracked the surface of scandalous reading history. What's your score?

Curious what top 10 books were banned in 2014? "Sexually explicit" and "controversial issues" are top contenders in the list. Surprised? Click here.

Thanks to for creating these hilarious spoofs. As a kid, I actually cherished the original version of book on the left.

No, these are not actual children's books. Thank you, Photoshop.

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