"Liz Here Now" painting complete

Liz Here Now - cover illustration inspired and created for the novel by Todd Connor

Liz Here Now, oil on canvas board, 2016

As a child I wrote and illustrated a lot of stories. There was one about a snake. Why snakes? Perhaps it was easy to replicate a snake in varying poses and plots very quickly. The snake has a magic carpet. An influence of the present popularity of Aladdin, perhaps?

I also illustrated with my best friend, who now makes her own drawings in CAD as a successful Interior Designer. We wrote cutting edge news (Madonna had a baby!) and kept the readers (our parents and patient neighbors) abreast on the weather - also carefully rendered.

Fast forward twenty years. As an exercise in creating meaningful goals and continued success in my career I created a list of short and long term goals in January. One of those goals was to illustrate a book. The universe answered the call and I received an e-mail from a publisher who had seen my painting Commingling. They were in need of an artist who could paint hands. Me! I can do that!