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Dreams of the 90s.

"Dear Ashley" the column in A + A's Chatter that answers the tough questions.

After recalling a lot of fond memories about my dreams of writing and illustrating in my last post I persuaded my mom to dust off a few of my old papers and e-mail them to me.

In the "collection" you'll find:

A fluff newspaper that I wrote with my best friend.

A guideline on best study habits, from a nine year old. Including dates on a comedy show at the Days Inn you DON'T want to miss. All of which is apparently geared to an audience at the AMI (American Motorcycle Institute - a tech school that my dad worked at, where I spent lots of my time at the front desk that summer). If any of you have met a motorcycle mechanic, this will make you laugh.

And a novel about a snake, appropriately title Scared Stiff.

Scared Stiff, a place where it's okay to make hissing puns and name your main character Hisstory. Also, a place to reiterate good study tips.

Never forget your dreams, y'all. Even if your much younger self had really stable and solid advice that DANG you should've taken. #bluegreenconvertible

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