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New Painting: Arteries Carry Blood to the Heart

Arteries Carry Heart to the Blood

Update: painting complete!

As part of my MFA thesis exhibition I've got the cell phone turned off and I'm losing myself in globs of paint. I'll let you in on the secret now: airplane mode setting turned ON. If your message goes undelivered, have patience, I'm slipping into a space in which flesh, form and color are all floating in and out of one another. Some call this THE ZONE. Brb, in the zone.

The body of work I'm sharing today explores the long-distance relationship between myself and my partner and is an excavation through paint. I believe that in my practice, the act of painting something is a way of analyzing it, understanding it and loving it. Arteries is one of many paintings I am creating that explore intimacy and touch. Throughout the next couple of months I'm asking you to enter private and vulnerable spaces.

Welcome, be kind.

I've long been enamored by the self-portrait. I believe that when I paint myself, I know myself. Seeing is knowing. Not dissimilarly, I paint the parts of my husband that I seek to understand, to tou