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Hello, September!

STORM UPDATE: While September has thus far been a roller coaster, thanks to Hurricane Ir... you know. I'm not even go to finish that sentence. If you've been watching, reading, reacting, cursing at that former storm than, like me, you are just as sick of thinking about it, talking about and expending more energy on it. What's important is that I'm safe, my friends and family are safe and for the most part it's nothing that time and a few trips to Home Depot can't repair. Sending heartfelt thanks out to first responders (who left their families to protect others!) employees at Publix (who provided me with the only vegetarian sub yesterday while they were running out of power), friends and family who provided shelter, gas, and company and my dumb puzzle book that it still keeping me occupied. I may joke about my husband's sometimes annoying propensity for planning but he did real good this time - building hurricane shutters, making sure we had food and water and doing enough worrying for the both of us. This pregnant chick is super grateful.

The storm slightly derailed PROJECTIONS, which was a collection of my oil paintings that explored light/color saturation/portraiture at the Bunker. If you missed it due to an early closing, you can still view the work both in my portfolio and in my shop. <3

September Update in Ashley Cassens studio

THE PREGNANCY PROJECT: This month also marked the start of a visual documentation of my pregnancy journey. I join the annals of many women who are, largely, miserable most days due to THE BUMP. As many of you know my first trimester was brutal and the everyday changes of a growing babe have affected every aspect of my life, including what I'm doing in the studio. Last week on Instagram I posted the first small self-portrait in that series 18 Weeks, with a question. [If you aren't already following my studio adventures on Instagram you can do so here.]

Q: "Portraiture is a huge part of studio practice, emotionally and physically. I believe a self portrait is a way of understanding yourself better and capturing the way you FEEL at a particular moment in time. What do you all infer about how I feel by looking at this quick little self-portrait?"