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How To: Build + Stretch Your Own Canvas

Making things with your hands isn't for the impatient. While hand building a frame and canvas aren't always in the cards (no access to a wood shop, lack of tools, or no time), sometimes you REALLY need to know how to sludge through it. Let's face it, commercially made canvas just isn't as nice. Or, in my case, I need a specific size that isn't considered standard.

I made the wooden panels, stretched the canvas and made the frames for all of these paintings. I don't have access to a wood shop right now but I hopefully will soon!

In this DIY art video I show you how to build your own canvas from start to finish.

Links below for any products I used.

P.S. I lost some of my original footage and recreated it on a smaller scale at 0:35 using a wood panel, instead of a frame. The process is the same, however. SORRY! Keep your eyelids peeled for an appearance from my dog. Thanks to my husband for being my body double as I filmed. The frame he built is 53" x 64".