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Happy 2018! aka I should be taking a break

Happy New Year, friends! It's 2018 and I should be taking a break - a nap maybe. But I don't know how!

My studio wall in 2018. Full of works in progress and paintings ready to be delivered for hanging at Hidden Springs Aleworks, in Tampa, FL.

I will have four (4) paintings showing and available for purchase at:

Femme Fatale: A Collection of Female Artists

Friday, January 5th, 2018

opening is 7pm

Projection Protection

acrylic on wood panel; framed in modern white floating frame

5" x 7" (unframed)


Little Luminous

oil on wood panel, framed in modern white floating frame

6" x 8" (unframed)


Skinny Lumens (detail shown)

oil on canvas, framed in modern white floating frame

8" x 24"


The Bedazzled On

oil on wood panel, gallery-ready (ready for hanging on your wall)

24" x 30" (unframed) ; panel is 2" thick


Can't make it to the show? You can always become a collector here! Local pick-up available. Shipping to US + Canada only.

Hidden Springs is located in Tampa Heights and brews all their ales on sight! One day soon I'll be able to imbibe on their yummy concoctions.

Find more artists here:

Anna Schermerhorn


I rounded out 2017 by finishing some lovely commissioned oil portraits! All of these are mini-commissions which are 5" x 7" on canvas. Even though I'm taking February "off" to adjust to a new human (did I mention I'm nine months pregnant?) I am currently accepting commissions for Spring 2018. If you're curious about the process or how it works you can check it all out here.

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