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Happy New Year!

I hope this post finds you, your family, and friends happy and healthy!

2018 was quite the rollercoaster! I created a human being (she's the red-head on the left), I started a new career, and am learning how to juggle all that...somehow?

A drool-free, smiling picture of all three of us is slightly miraculous, no? We drool a lot.

One huge change this year was TIME. Phew, how much of that did I waste before having a child? All the time I spent sitting, eating, reading, making, thinking, and shaving. The audacity of me, really.

With all these shifts in time, and returning to teaching, which is a learning curve of the highest degree, my blog has sadly slid into hiding. While I don't make any resolutions that I'll have the ability to post much more. I do promise I am still here. *waves*

Since you last saw me here, I've been devoting %110 percent to teaching K-5 art at Anclote Elementary School.

K-5 Art Projects

It's been so fun to look back on all the beautiful things we made. As a first year teacher in public school, I often feel like I am ten steps behind. And then I sing an annoyingly fun song about counting to ten. However, when I was able to see all of the things that my students have learned and MADE, I was overwhelmed with how creative and inspirational they are.

Video links for Projects

I do video tutorials for nearly every project in the classroom. If you're interested in how to do these projects at home or in your classroom here's a link!

Some of my favorites are listed below:

Bat Pointilism

Here's to a healthy, creative, kind, and joyful 2019!



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