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Ashley's Holiday Gift Guide

Ashley's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

+ for the Creative Type +

Ashley's Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to my first annual Holiday Gift Guide for the creative people in your life. You know the type because your reading this, aren't you?

Move over, Goop. My Gift Guide is chock-full of handmade, original work which I've admired or currently own. It's Ashley-tested; Ashley-approved.

**no artists paid me to be hosted on a blog that I am terribly awful at updating**

I picked up this necklace after admiring/stalking Ashley (yes, we're both named Ashley) on IG for about a year. Hailing from the St. Pete area, Tellery Co sells jewelry and wins which are wonderfully witty and stylish. The "I'm Fine/Everything's Fine" necklace is my current favorite. Check out more of her amazing works, including laser-cut Christmas ornaments here:


Jenipher is a Dunedin, FL local, talented illustrator, author, podcaster and mental health advocate. Her "Love Me Some FL" print is currently hanging in my daughter's nursery and Jenipher's stickers smile at me everyday from my work computer. Buy her book Find Your Rainbow! She's amazing!


3. A tiny oil painting by ME from The Designer Dollhouse!

These masterfully crafted oil paintings are curated for dollhouse aficionados or lovers of all things miniature. Myself and Amanda Dillon have teamed up to create this collection exclusively for The Designer Dollhouse. "The Earring", pictured above, can be found here. To subscribe to the tiny newsletter go here:


4. A watercolor card (and a zine!) from Kim Heise!

Kim is a fellow FAU grad, who paints the loveliest watercolors. I'm just IN LOVE with these watercolor cards she just put up. She's an advocate for environmental issues and uses her artistic platform to inform the public about Florida's natural wildlife and how we can preserve it's beauty. Check out her zines here. Her time-lapse videos on IG are worth the follow!


5. A Salvaged Word from Colleen Attara

Colleen Attara's handmade cards and journals feel like a breath of fresh air. Please join her mailing list, I feel like she's my neighbor although she's hundreds of miles north. I'm LOVING her salvaged words the most. Snatch one up!


6. A crossbody bag for the kids in your life from Green Gypsy leather

My current favorite bag for little explorers is this one. My daughter has this lovely fringe bag but they make more masculine and quote unquote boy bags as well. They hold up and are ah-dor-a-ble. More leather more cuteness can be found on Lianne's etsy shop:


7. An emotional cacti from Nicholas Holman

I met Nick at an OPUS event in Tampa and have been following his artistic process ever since. He is doing a lot of alla prima and plein air work in Arizona and I am obsessed with this cactus! Find all of this things here:


8. A Christmas ornament from Leah

Leah is a friend of a friend who recently launched her creative business and has a real fresh approach to paint. Grab one of these hand-painted ornaments for your tree!.


9. An art class with summer at my home studio! (limited spots!)

You heard that correctly! This summer I'll be putting together a few classes in my home studio. I'll also have limited spots for private lessons for teens to adults this summer by appointment. If you've always wanted to learn how to use oils, paint a portrait or just need some fresh eyes - this will be the place to do it! Please contact me here if you're interested!

If you're part of my newsletter, than you'll received specific dates for this in the coming month!


10. A print + book combo!

I joined forces with Todd Connor, who wrote a poignant, true story about Liz, to create this beautiful cover for his book. You can own the print, which is printed on canvas and varnished, and the book before the New Year! Check out the book Liz Here Now

please note: If you purchase the print with the book through me, there is a discount.

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