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Did you see me in HAVEN Mag?

Hey Friends!

A lovely article just dropped in the August issue of HAVEN Magazine.

It features my collaboration with Nikki from Cori Rose Handmade!

“All the things they talked about being “eye traps” are what I think make women so beautiful and amazing and unique,” Cassens said. “I wanted to flip this negative term and make it a positive term and trap your eye visually with something that was captivating and beautiful.” The women in her series defy the concept of an “Eye Trap” – some with chopped hair, chunky earrings, bright eyeshadow, and unbothered expressions. She had already been working on the series before she named it, and when she heard the term, she felt it encapsulated her subjects and what drew her to them.

You can purchase the collection here.

You can find the full article in magazines around Polk County or here.

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