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"Do You Teach Lessons?"

My most popular question of the year, "Do you teach lessons?" now has an answer.


Join me in my loft studio select dates in the Spring and all Summer long. See, something good IS happening in 2021 already!

My last student had no prior training and got into Ringling, so I'm the real deal, y'all!

If you're in the Tampa Bay area and need a creative outlet, want to learn a new medium, or just want to take your practice to the next level? Take a lesson with me!

Questions about materials or have a schedule that may not work with my calendar- message me! I'll really try to be flexible but may need to arrange child care in advance.  Want to learn with your mom? your dad? your best friend? your iguana (no, sorry on that one), I can do smallllll groups.  

You can book here:

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