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I'm in print and the small screen!

It's been a busy past two weeks as my article in Creative Loafing came out.

A producer over at Daytime read the article and invited me to come on the show to talk about my work. Of course I said yes yes yes (any excuse to jump into hair and make-up, hi! invite me on your things)

You can see the article here.

My show at Elevation Coffee wrapped up at the end of January but never fear! You can see them starting February 23rd over at the Disco Dolls. Don't worry, Merritt's got chocolate milk there, lord knows she doesn't need caffeine!

Any chance to collaborate with the beauty industry is my jam. Hi, hello, I love hair, make-up and fashion, did I mention that already? Here's the details:


The Disco Dolls

4632 N. Florida Avenue

Tampa, FL 33603


Okay, I've teased it out enough - here's the interview from Daytime on Channel 8 that aired this Tuesday. Maggie and Cindy were so generous. They are true professionals and despite not knowing what camera I was supposed to look at it, I think it came out great!

Little factoid from the experience - wow that set is C-O-L-D! It was a pretty big set, too - although I don't have any comparable data! Also, Maggie is shorter than I expected. I'm not sure why I expected her to be 5'10" but she is shorter than me (I'm 5' 4"). Surprise! They were both on it and I was so glad. They make reading from a teleprompter look like a breeze.

The takeaway from so many people was that they didn't know about the inspiration from my series, so it's been fun to share all that knowledge and deep dives from the series.

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