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"Let's Get Real with Oils" POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE

Hi friends,

I'm sad to report that due to the rapidly changing (omg I REFUSE TO SAY FLUID) health concerns regarding the coronavirus, the "Let's Get Real with Oils" Workshop will be postponed until June.

All Florida public schools will remain closed beyond Spring Break, which means I will have some extra nap times to get into my own loft studio. If you're bored at home check in on that. I'll probably add some videos like this one:

But watch with caution. Some knitters have expressed horror but painters are delighted. It's a real rollercoaster of emotions!


Sidebar: should I name my studio "The Loft" is that a copyright infringement? Have had I had too much coffee this morning?

I will be hanging some of my teacup watercolor paintings at Elevation Coffee Shop next week - provided the country doesn't shut down. If you see a teacup you love but the original has been sold - I'm adding premium, framed prints to the shop daily!

Be well!

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