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Terrifying Growth and Spring Break Painting Workshop

Morning friends!

It's been a busy February. I led a teacup workshop at She Paints Promise Studios and gave a talk at OPUS Inside.

Teacup Thursday: Watercolor Workshop

Like many creatives I rally for the work and I'm learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Getting in the arena is SCARRRYYY. But I'm doing it. Sometimes it means a little heart pounding, a single tear in my car or a run after work to let the jitters fall away. Growth is terrifying but the alternative is so much scarier.

A very blurry picture of me explaining things at OPUS Inside


Let's Get Real with Oils

I'm pursuing a real passion project, a week long oil painting workshop next week. Is there truly anything better than pushing around paint?

It's not too late to join! Click the image below OR this link to reserve your spot.

I'm only accepting 5 more students.

There is a suggested materials list. You can find that hand-picked list here.

If you have any questions about the class, shoot me a message!



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