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Mahlah, the Rebel is a confounding painting.  She is quiet strength, a visual story of light and texture, and a total joy to take in. Her namesake is a reference to a story in the Old Testament, which refers to Mahlah, and her sisters, inheriting land from their father. Despite not having a brother (the tradition was that inheritance went to the male heir), Mahlah and the sisters kept their birthright - a pretty revolutionary thing at the time.  


Mahlah is a women who is flawed but beautiful.  I love that she has blemishes on her skin, no make-up, a simple ponytail.  I highlighted all of those imperfections because they ARE beautiful.  The ordinary is extraordinary. 


Look closely to discover the thousands of marks in her hair.  Can you see the King's Blue or the desaturated violet?  The broken lines across her forehead and the turn of her head, can't you just get lost there? 


In Mahlah, the Rebel you'll find she glows against her pale yellow background.  The pattern she sits on is subtle and sweet, which allows her to stand out in any space.



This piece is a star in a galaxy of awesome paintings.  

17 pieces were created around a common theme: Eye Traps

Inspired by a strict guide by a religious cult, The IBLP (The Institute of Basic Life Priniciples), of appropriate dress and presentation for women, I set out to create a tapestry of oil paintings on fabric.  Each woman is unique but they also work together as an amazing visual quilt.  They're bright, beautiful, introspective, and most importantly autonomous.  



8" x 8" oil painting on fabric wrapped onto cradled wood panel  

1 1/2" depth profile 


s/h not included - $30 flat rate to all US locations. 

local pick-up (Tampa, FL) available 


Mahlah, the Rebel is varnished for aesthetics and longevity.

She is lovely unframed but would look stunning in a floating frame, too.  Additional colors for floating fram are available upon request.

Mahlah, the Rebel

Floating Frame Options
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