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Meet Sienna!


She is stepping into a sea of pattern and texture.  For a fleeting moment you get a glimpse of the 70s inspired golds and oranges flowers in hair before she returns to her own inner world. 


I just love the complimentary play of the burnt sienna and the teal body suit.  Those ruddy yellows against the cool blue linear florals make my heart sing!


Part of a looser, more playful mini-collection.  Sienna is painted on archival gessobord with an acrylic base and a rich oil paint.  Alla prima, style. 


I can't wait for the meet cute! 




  • 8" x 10" panel - archival claybord panel
  • 1cm thick 
  • varnished for aesthetics and longevity 
  • unframed 




email if you have any questions about the piece.  


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