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Sprinkles is the closest to me, autobiographically.  If I had to choose a painting that told me as a story: sunglasses on, messy dark bun, blowing in the wind, full of color.  It's me.


Sprinkles is a direct reference to the bright dashes of colored reflections in the sunglasses.  It's also how I feel about painting portraits - delicious, yummy, sweet, and  tactile.  


She's all about freedom, color, and confidence. We can all get behind that, right?



This piece is a star in a galaxy of awesome paintings.  

17 pieces were created around a common theme: Eye Traps

Inspired by a strict guide by a religious cult, The IBLP (The Institute of Basic Life Priniciples), of appropriate dress and presentation for women, I set out to create a tapestry of oil paintings on fabric.  Each woman is unique but they also work together as an amazing visual quilt.  They're bright, beautiful, introspective, and most importantly autonomous.  



8" x 8" oil painting on fabric wrapped onto cradled wood panel  

1 1/2" depth profile 

Framed in white floating frame - ready to hang! 


s/h not included - $30 flat rate to all US locations. 

local pick-up (Tampa, FL) available 


Sprinkles is varnished for aesthetics and longevity.

She is lovely unframed but would look stunning in a floating frame, too.  Aditional floating frame colors are available upon request.


Framing options
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