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Sunrush 8_ x 8_ oil on painted fabric





"Souls on Fire "


"Get Mod"

Yay! Welcome!
You can also download this as a pdf, to you know, put on a vision board or look up the cool resources.

Pastel Minimalist Becoming a Chef Fun Fact Infographic (1).jpg
If you'd like to dive a bit deeper into some of these resources, I have a whole section in my blog where I've linked short and long form content!

It's been SO valuable to me have support and connection around making art AND making a living.  

If you are jonesin' for more art in your life, I'm posting daily on Instagram and Facebook.  I post unfiltered, in progress, and short little clips of things happening in my studio (and life, let's be honest!)

I'd love to see you join the conversations there. 

xo, Ashley 


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