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August in the Studio

Welcome to my studio! A lot has changed since May! I am quasi-moved into my new home studio space. It's a loft space which provides beautiful light throughout the day. The Florida rays are definitely heating things up (heat rises!) but it's nothing a powerful fan and an iced coffee can't cure.

My pup, Lucius Fox, is certainly loving his status as full time studio dog and I'm currently caught up with all my favorite podcasts. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Pictured above: palette vibes, studio treasures, repurposed soup cans are keeping me organized, and Real New Hampshire Snow a keepsake from my best friend that brings me joy long after the snow melted. Oh and the bunny from my paintings "Rhinoplasty".

I've also been jamming away at both personal work and commissions. What could be better?

Commissions by moi, Ashley Cassens. If you're curious about what this is all about you can find out more here. I am really falling in love with writing letters that accompany each work. Very meditative and indicative of how I feel about painting in general, an opportunity to disconnect.

For PROJECTIONS, a show I'm putting up at the Bunker, I added two new oil paintings:

Skinny Lumens 8" x 24" oil on canvas it's for sale here.

detail of Skinny Lumens

Little Luminous 5"x7" oil on wood panel. It's also for sale here and prints are available via digital download here.

UPDATE ON PROJECTIONS, my art show at The Bunker: Tragically, The Bunker, which is hosting my work, was burglarized last week resulting in a lot of damage. The criminal actually cut all of the wires in the shop, forcing the shop to close while they make repairs. Therefore, the original opening, Sunday, has been postponed. I apologize for anyone that made the trek only to see the closed sign. I was notified Sunday as well. I am working with the Bunker to get the work up this week and the soft opening, Saturday August 26th 5-7pm is still scheduled. Thanks for being so understanding!


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