OPUS 2018: it's a wrap/awesome

It's been a week since the annual art show OPUS 2018 wrapped. Thank you thank you for hosting, Tampa Covenant Church!

I know what you're thinking, an art show in a church? Let me tell you friends, I was impressed. Not only was I surrounded by extremely talented and warm artists in my neck of the woods (Carrollwood area if your a Tampa folk) but I had SO many wonderfully engaging conversations with LOTS of people. Maybe because this is an "untraditional" space for artwork, i.e. not a gallery, or maybe many of it's patrons don't go to a lot of art openings so they didn't know about the weirdness that often accompanies them. You know the vibe: not talking to the artist, awkward competitiveness, whispery congratulations, or worse, avoiding eye contact because they don't like your stuff. But there wasn't any of that at OPUS 2018. People asked questions. THEY ASKED LOTS OF QUES