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Do you paint murals?

Updated: Apr 27

So you've got a blank wall and you are thinking, you know what would be the COOLEST?

A mural.

I agree! Murals are transformative, and I must warn you, addictive. I painted my first wall in June 2022 and I was HOOKED. I've been painting since I was 19, which is about 20 years.

So while I certainly wasn't new to holding a paintbrush, painting on a wall? That's a whole new and awesome challenge!

Not sure where to start? I got you!

Here's what to do FIRST:

  1. Measure your wall. Height and Width, feet is preferred. Most standard interior walls are about 8' x 10', so I'll use that example in this exercise.

  2. Determine square feet. The math for that is: 8 x 10 = 80. Bam! You've got 80 square feet.

  3. Take pictures of the space.

  4. What's the texture of your wall? This is important as some textures take longer - brick, big grooves or stucco with big holes in it all add the that amount of paint and time needed.

You've gathered all the above info. You're next step is to Message me with all this info!

How much does a mural cost?

Generally, I charge based on square footage. I have two tiers of pricing.

Tier 1 is an illustrative or graphic design, with a simplistic color scheme.

For a very simple design I generally charge $25 per square feet. Here are some examples of Tier 1 pricing:

Tier 2

For a detailed project (very realistic with lots of color) I charge $27-30 per square feet. Blending and changing colors takes much more time, which is the reason for the cost.

Challenging surfaces, like siding, corrugated metal can also add to time.

This does not include (some) materials or tax (on labor only - I am a registered business so I do have to do that ghastly thing each April, boo!)

The materials cost is based on how complex the design is. Ex. A gallon of paint these days is about $60. A quart is about $27 colors.

I'd love to hire you!

A mural is personal to you. It doesn't have to be complicated but it does require a bit of planning on the front end. Because it is custom to YOU! That's the fun part! There is a one time design fee of $500 that goes towards your overall cost. This process involves creating a design specific for your space and vision. We chat about what you're looking for and I create mock-ups and a final renderending for your custom mural.

Ready to transform your space? Let's do this! Shoot me a message today!

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