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Do you paint murals?

Updated: Apr 22

So you've got a blank wall and you are thinking, you know what would be the COOLEST?

A mural.

I agree! Murals are transformative, and I must warn you, addictive. I painted my first wall in June 2022 and I was HOOKED. I've been painting since I was 19, which is about 20 years.

So while I certainly wasn't new to holding a paintbrush, painting on a wall? That's a whole new and awesome challenge!

Not sure where to start? I got you!

Here's what to do FIRST:

  1. Measure your wall. Height and Width, feet is preferred. Most standard interior walls are about 8' x 10', so I'll use that example in this exercise.

  2. Determine square feet. The math for that is: 8 x 10 = 80. Bam! You've got 80 square feet.