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"Get Mod" was the painting in which I discovered how much I loved pattern on pattern.  

Visually, she is style in a 2-dimensional square.  The contours of her face, the warm glow on her cheek, the play of curves and tonality shifts in her ear, the cool grays in her pixie cut.  The best! 



Unframed: 8" x 8" on archival gloss paper, with cardboard backing, in plastic sleeve with a sticker.



This print is a star in a galaxy of awesome paintings.  

17 pieces were created around a common theme: Eye Traps

Inspired by a strict guide by a religious cult, The IBLP (The Institute of Basic Life Priniciples), of appropriate dress and presentation for women, I set out to create a tapestry of oil paintings on fabric.  Each woman is unique but they also work together as an amazing visual quilt.  They're bright, beautiful, introspective, and most importantly autonomous.  


FREE SHIPPING for all Framed order in US/Canada.

FREE local drop off (Tampa, FL) available - I love meeting my collectors! 


photos by the artist and by Ashlee Harmon Photography 

work is styled by Ann Cox Design 

"Get Mod" 1st Edition Print

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