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An absolute powerhouse in this collection, Listen all a Y'all is the cream of the crop. 

Really and truly, this piece was a turning point for me as an artist. 

She commands your eyes, she's in total control of her body and her voice. 


Visually, she is perfection in a 2-dimensional square.  The contours of her face, the warm glow on her cheek, the play of curves and tonality shifts in her ear, the brow.  There's SO much to breathe in!  Can we talk about the pinky fleshy areas of her scalp! GUH. It's divine. 


The title arrived from the Beastie Boys song Sabotage.  You know the hook, "Listen all a Y'all it's a sabotage."  The energy of that song matched how I visually felt about this piece.  Listening of the song while looking at this painting isn't required but it sure gets you in the zone! 



This piece is a star in a galaxy of awesome paintings.  

17 pieces were created around a common theme: Eye Traps

Inspired by a strict guide by a religious cult, The IBLP (The Institute of Basic Life Priniciples), of appropriate dress and presentation for women, I set out to create a tapestry of oil paintings on fabric.  Each woman is unique but they also work together as an amazing visual quilt.  They're bright, beautiful, introspective, and most importantly autonomous.  



8" x 8" oil painting on fabric wrapped onto cradled wood panel  

1 1/2" depth profile 


s/h not included - $30 flat rate to all US locations. 

local pick-up (Tampa, FL) available 


Listen all a Y'all is varnished for aesthetics and longevity.

She is lovely unframed but would look stunning in a floating frame, too.   Additional colors for floating frames are available upon request.  e-mail: or text 813-409-1207

Listen all a Y'all - SOLD

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