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I create portraits, murals, and I'm passionate about sharing my twenty years of painting knowledge with you! 
I've been painting for twenty years. In fact, I dedicated most of my life to being better at it.  I earned both a Bachelor's and a Master's in Fine Art.  I worked a 9-5, most recently teaching K-5 Art, while slipping in a painting session here and there. 
I love teaching but I knew I was capable of more.  I was ready to live a life after my own choosing. 
In October of 2022 I gave my two weeks notice. (spoiler: it actually ended up being over a month because I loved my students and my school)
Since then I often get DM's asking, "How are you doing this full time?" "What did you do?"  I may only be two steps ahead of where you are today but this purposeful, passionate life that I'm able to live TODAY is where it's AT. 
If you'd like to learn 5 steps that were game-changing and instrumental in quiting my full time job to become a paid artist just pop your name in that cute form below and I'll send it to you asap. 
Can't wait to see what you learn!




How I quit my day job and became a full time artist 
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