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Wig Chicks

It's been a few weeks since I've filled you all in on my creative adventures, so here's an update!

I'm putting the finishing touches on this watercolor piece that I've amusingly titled "Raquel Welch". It's 9 x 12 painting on Arches watercolor block. I know there are many artists that use watercolor paper that isn't on a block but I just CAN'T go there. Perhaps I haven't experienced enough with different brands but the Arches blocks are where it's at. They never buckle, they can take a beating - just all around awesome!

The reference for this painting comes from an image I snapped on Beach St. in Daytona Beach during an antique car show.

I was instantly drawn to the blank stares of these wig models. There's an interesting juxtoposition of both depressing and amusing reflections of passer-bys (anyone catch grandma in the wheelchair and the big-bellied man?) against the sleek antique cars.

There's a lot of fun things happening in this piece. I hope you enjoy it!

This piece and many others will be showing in September at the Channelside location of the Bamboozle Cafe! Prints will be available - links to follow - for purchase as well.

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