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What absence taught me about paint.

"What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

In 2014 I quit my comfy corporate job and moved 250 miles away from my fiance to become a full time artist. For three painful years my partner and I lived in different cities. On the day before our wedding, I administered a semester critique, and drove two and a half hours to make my wedding rehearsal! Only a few days after or nuptials, I jetted back to complete finals, submit papers, and grade. Talk about a wild ride!

After two years of applying to grad schools, I received a full tuition teaching scholarship at Florida Atlantic University. Go Owls!

A beautiful day, on April 25th, 2015 when I married my best friend and consummate supporter of my creative life.

Although I am now happily married and occupying the same zip code as my husband, my personal experience of loss and absence drove me to a deeper understanding of how paint can be a conduit for touch. As a representational figure painter, I am on a mission to allow others to experience this tangible, sensory experience with their loved ones.



P.P.S. My work is still up at The Bunker through Sept. 17th. and a new date has been added for a show called PRIMED, featuring work by myself, Caitlin Albritton, and Michele Francoeur in Tampa on November 3rd at the Red Door No. 5 Gallery.

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