October already?!

I know it seems absurd to mention the C-word (Christmas) and consequently the H-word (Holidays) but I'm going in! Start thinking about putting requests in now if you'd like a beautiful, personalized, painting to give as a gift to someone you love or to yourself. The process takes 6-8 weeks so carve out YOUR spot by sending me a message today. I already have two spots that are taken and I can only fit in a few more!

Proof positive that a painting from Home Goods never elicited this kind of reaction. Last year a client commissioned me to create a painting for her boyfriend. She shared this video with me as my painting was unveiled. Guys, can I be frank? I well up every. single. time. I watch it. Several years ago, he lost his mother to cancer and this painting commemorates a special visit he had with her in Paris. Paint is a tangible way to bridge the distance between absence. I'm proof of this! When I lived apart from my husband for three years, paint was a conduit to touch him when he was physically out of reach. That's what this body of work was all about. That's my mission as an artist.