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How to: Varnish an Oil Painting

If you're like me, you're impatient waiting for paint for dry and don't have 6+ months to wait for a painting to be varnished. Yet, you want the rich color and protection that varnishing an oil painting brings. Solution solved! Say hello to Gamblin's Gamvar Picture Varnish!

In this quick tutorial I walk you through the basic steps on how to go about varnishing your oil painting.

note: always practice safety and varnish in a well-ventilated area and stay.away.from.flames, duh.


Step 1: Assemble your tools - a soft, wide brush and a Gamvar Picture Varnish

Step 2: Apply a THIN (did I mention thin?) layer of varnish to your dry** painting.

Step 3: Wash your brush(es). I'm using Master's Brush Cleaner

Step 4: Let the varnish dry. Gamblin recommends 18-24 hours.

**a dry painting is considered one that is dry to the touch. not sure if your painting is fully dry? press your fingernail into the thickest area of you painting, if it's firm, you're good!

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