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Beautiful People + Upcoming Shows

This post was supposed to "air" earlier this week. What's that, motherhood?

So often when I do a commission I have to keep it a secret, which I mean, is REALLY difficult. Such was the case, with these two lovebirds, who I also get to call family!

This commissioned drawing is 8" x 10" on cream paper, using graphite. Someone once asked me, what's the difference between graphite and pencil? It's a fancy way of saying pencil.

Congrats to Sam and Abby Querrey (it's going to take some time to stop saying Dixon!). You and Sam were a joy to squint a lot at! Here's a lil' progress:

This drawing also marks the first time that I used a brush(es) in a drawing. Although it's a really minimal shift, the softening with a brush really made a difference! I just can't keep those brushes out of my hands, I guess.



I've got a busy end of the month! If you're in the Tampa Bay area, please check out these locations! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the openings as we are taking our first BIG family vacay to the mountains of north Georgia. So while I could be chatting with you all and drinking some libations, I may be driving a screaming four month old across the Florida-Georgia line. Will you pray with me?

  • Saturday, June 30th @ Enigma 1110 Central Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL. I'll be exhibiting some rad, colorful paintings with fellow Fringe Creative folks!

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