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Virtual Art Class this Week

Friends, warriors, it's been some weeks, huh?

Here in Florida I'm on self-isolation week 3 and my preparation as an extroverted-introvert is really paying off. I already had a cache of Shipt experience, order most everything online (going into an actual store with a toddler is like Ninja Warrior), tons of saved UberEats orders and my LeTote (clothes) subscription is running strong.

Things that have suffered: library is closed so I'm purchasing books for the first time. However, still reading! Thank you to Erica Dixon for providing me with some new reads!

Things that have rallied: local coffee shop - has to-go and delivery. Bike trailers. GODSEND.

Things that I've doubled-down on: finger knitting! Stay tuned on that. I'll be hosting a live finger knitting session soon! Art making of all kinds! Teaching!

I'm posting FREE tutorials on IG. You can see one of them here.

Where's the art in your school?

As a teacher in the public school district I know many schools are focusing on "core" instruction in their distance learning. And because our students have limited resources at home, our lessons are basic with a capital B. It doesn't have to be this way! That's why I created a virtual course for my young artists that you can join this week! Even better, you can do with your friends! Have fun, be social, and make a really ah-mazing, shinning mermaid that pops-up out of the shimmering sea she/he lives in.


Thanks to technology we can still make art together!

In this live course will teach you how to draw and paint a mermaid pop-up!

We'll be experimenting with liquid watercolors, using form and shape to draw a mystical mermaid, and constructing a pop-up to put it all together!

Students of all ages are encouraged and families at home are encourage to make together.

2 day class is $10

Thursday April 2nd 1:30-2:00pm

Friday April 3rd 1:30-2:00pm

Live Zoom class and replay available for students.

Payment can be made HERE, Venmo (AshleyCassens) or


Sending love to you all!


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