Meeting Julian Schnabel

"My paintings take up room, they make a stand. People will always react to that. Some people get inspired, others get offended. But, that's good. I like that."

- Julian Schnabel

Last week I was extremely honored to have been nominated and awarded a scholarship to attend the Masters Painting Workshop with Julian Schnabel at the Museum of Fort Lauderdale. (Thanks FAU Professors, for believing in me!)

Let me preface my experience by saying this, I did my fair share of research on Julian Schnabel prior to the workshop on Thursday. So if you are currently unaware of the honors that precede him, let me summarize:

+ B.F.A University of Houston,

+ Independant Study Program at Whitney Museum of Art

+ General success both in the States and abroad since the late 70s. He became famous for his plate paintings in the 80's. Here's one of his second wife, Olatz López Garmendia, that I saw in person at the MoAFL