New Works on Paper!

Having Fun + Having Babies (not simultaneously)

January was spent finishing commissions and doing A LOT of self care in anticipation of the birth of my daughter. Although she was late (40 weeks + 6 days, trust me everyday was like an insurmountable mountain of discomfort) I was able to create a bit with my limited mobility.

These new works were created during my 38th week of pregnancy. The making of Witness and 38 Weeks (breathe) reminded me of two things:

1. How much I needed to play. Remember play? When you made things just because, without expectations of what it should look like? Just having fun!

2. Working on paper is fabulous! Will I abandon canvas in the near future? Doubtful, but it is a substrate that allows for things to happen fast. What a nice change of pace from the arduous layering/drying of oil paint.

New Works on Paper

Witness watercolor on a