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New Works on Paper!

Having Fun + Having Babies (not simultaneously)

January was spent finishing commissions and doing A LOT of self care in anticipation of the birth of my daughter. Although she was late (40 weeks + 6 days, trust me everyday was like an insurmountable mountain of discomfort) I was able to create a bit with my limited mobility.

These new works were created during my 38th week of pregnancy. The making of Witness and 38 Weeks (breathe) reminded me of two things:

1. How much I needed to play. Remember play? When you made things just because, without expectations of what it should look like? Just having fun!

2. Working on paper is fabulous! Will I abandon canvas in the near future? Doubtful, but it is a substrate that allows for things to happen fast. What a nice change of pace from the arduous layering/drying of oil paint.

New Works on Paper

Witness watercolor on arches paper 9" x 12" 2018

Witness falls somewhere in between a drawing and a painting. **keep scrolling to see how it's made** The rendering is of my ever present model, my husband, created in anticipation of the birth of our first child. The title reinforces my feelings about our relationship, particularly throughout my pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very physical and emotional journey that molded our relationship in new ways. I would often say, "pregnancy is the worst version of myself" and through it all he was a first hand spectator, including supporting me through my most vulnerable and intimate moments in delivery. The work is also a testament to the future bond between him and our daughter.

Details of Witness, a watercolor drawing on cold pressed 100% cotton 140lb. Arches paper. The drawing is 9" x 12" and framed in floating black frame which measures 10" x 13". It is available for purchase HERE.

38 Weeks (Breathe) watercolor on paper 2018

The impetus behind 38 Weeks (Breathe) work is fairly obvious. I was miserable. Physically and psychologically it was difficult to breathe. The making of this work, quite literally, gave me an outlet to manage my physical discomfort and an open space for my anxiety. Thanks art!

swipe right >> for details of 38 Weeks (Breathe) watercolor on cold pressed 100% cotton Arches paper 2018. Housed in a modern floating white frame, which measures 10" x 12". It is available for purchase HERE.


//check out how it was made in this dirty video//

I used watercolor pencils on cold pressed 100% cotton 140lb. Arches paper. I then used a wide bristled brush to add water. I had little to no control over the outcome once the water was added. Let the spontaneity begin!

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