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31 Day Challenge - 2023

Hey y'all!

This year I've been callenged by Andrea Erhardt from The Artist Academy to participate in the 31 Day Challenge.

What if everyday I was totally tuned in, IN the flow? Join me each day for the month of January where I’ll create one painting of an eye(s)

My 31 Day Art Challenge is happening NOW!

31 days in January.

31 works of art of 👀

2 hours of flow every day 🌊

If you’re a gambler you can choose any day of the month! If you’re choosy and want to agonize over your completed favorite, have at it! But don’t wait TOO long, your day may be snatched up!


My absolute favorite eye is STILL available for only $37. Click that button, friend. She is looking at you babe!

Each day I'm posting a new eye on Instragram and Facebook, which some sneak peaks to those on my e-mail list.

Not already getting a note from me in your inbox? Join me here.

I'm learning sweet lessons. Some days I find the flow easily, other days I struggle just to find time but by golly I'm not giving up!


Anyone who becomes a collector is automatically entered into a giveaway at the end of the challenge. So far I’ve sold 7 pieces and would love for you to fall in love with one as well!



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