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The loveliest NEW paintings off the easel

Hey friends!

A lot of productive works of art came out of my bony little hands (see photo reference) since we last chatted!

Take a little journey with me, won't you?

Keep on scrolling to see:

  • "Holladay"

  • "Andrew and Tyler"

  • "Larry in the Light"

I completed this painted portrait of Holladay, a throwback to her younger years (she is about Merritt's age in this painting). It was really fun collaborating with Bri (Holladay's mama). I love getting to know all my collectors but I felt instantly that Bri just got it - she has such a great sense of style and had a real vibrant vision. Her portrait was created with several references but her hair was SO tricky. I took her golden hair from another portrait and transplanted it to the "correct face", added a coordinating bow, and her creamy eyelet dress (also from another photograph.

Aren't her sun-kissed baby hairs the best?

"Holladay" oil on canvas 20" x 24" 2020

From Start to Finish - progress on Holladay's portrait


"Andrew and Tyler" oil on canvas 18" x 24" 2021

Check out the journey that I went on with this painting. And it was a REAL journey. While choosing the perfect reference photo for her painting, Anne took me on a virtual journey with her family. I went on train trips, up slopes, and ultimately to Marrakesch, Morocco, which is where the references for this painting were taken. Andrew, left, and Tyler, right, became real young men before my eyes and it was a total treat to meet this family in REAL life. So often, I ship something off and never get to see the joy of the big reveal. Anne's family gave me the best gift by allowing me to see how much they loved the end product. It was a true reminder that it ISN'T just about paint, it's about connection and deeper truths about touch. <3 times a million


"Larry in the Light" watercolor on aquabord 8" x 10" 2021

Oh, Larry. How the internet loves you! The reference for this painting was taken by the very talented photographer, Ginny Dixon. I saw it on fb and could instantly imagine how well this would transfer to paint. Fast forward, to Ginny reaching out and wanting to gift a painting to Larry for some work he did on her kitchen. You didn't have to ask me twice!! Who. wouldn't. love. to. paint. this. BEARD. The light! The texture! It's all a blast.

The surface for this painting is a dream. Aquabord is a clay like surface without the buckle that you can get with paper. I ditched the tightness of oil, was a little freer and enjoy some painterly play. For my watercolor friends, try this board. It's perfection.


Commissions are open for 2021!

Commission Prices will go up for 2022 (I know, it seems crazy to even utter such a thing). Childcare is a necessity to keep living the studio dream, so works will go up accordingly. If you'd like to lock in the current rate, message me! Changes will go into effect August of this year.

How much does it cost?

  • Drawing (graphite)= $125 // 8" x 10" on paper

  • Drawing (color) = $250 // 8" x 10" on paper

  • Small Painting = start at $300 // size 5" x 7", 6" x 6"

  • Medium Painting = start at $600 // size 8" x 10", 8" x 8", 9" x 12", 10" x 10", 11" x 14" 12" x 16" [additional $100 for each figure - animals included]

  • Large Painting = start at $850 // 18" x 24", 24" x 36" [additional $100 for each figure - animals included]

For more details click here. ​


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