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Liz Print is available for pre-order!

Eek! At LONG last, my beautiful giclee prints of "Liz" are FINALLY available!

This process has been nearly 3 years, in the making. What has grown into a beautiful partnership between myself and Todd Connor, the author of Liz Here Now, has been incredibly wonderful. While I consider all of my projects meaningful this is the first time in I feel like my gifts are being used for so. much. good. How, you ask? Here's how!

Quick recap:

  • Todd Connor finds me through a friend of a friend of a friend in 2015 to design a book cover for his autobiographical novel Liz Here Now.

  • I cry reading the book on a plane to visit my husband. It's so good I finish it in one day.

  • Painting is completed and book cover is designed (by me also!). Book goes to print in 2016. Dream come true: check.

  • Original oil painting is sold to a collector in 2017. Adios!

  • Todd contacts me to commission an original painting, a second iteration of the first. Yay!

  • "Liz" is completed in 2018 (while very pregnant and post partum - not an easy task!)

  • Todd partners with me to bundle print + book sales

  • 100% of all book sales (when you order a print) go to "Liz for Kids" a 501c non profit to help kids. Also, it's a huge savings if you purchase the book through me. Win win!

Liz Limited Edition Print

So here's the skinny! This is a limited edition print of 25. Meaning, once these 25 are gone, they will be never go to print again.

Curious about how it's made?

Each giclee print was made by Maxx Color of Tampa, FL using the finest materials available to assure long lasting beauty, and to protect your investment in fine art. The canvas is a bright white cotton/polyester blend, and is used in conjunction with archival pigmented inks. I hand paint every signature, which is then coated with an acrylic protective coating to protect it from environmental pollutants, which could cause some degradation over time. Your limited edition print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A few cool things about this print is that each order is customizable. Here are some add-on's I'm offering:

  • for $10 more your print can be stretched on a frame - so no framing needed! sweet!

  • for $10 more you can get the book AND the print!

  • for $5 more you can get a Swag Bag, which includes 7 stickers of my original oil paintings and 1 bookmark (to use in the book! simpatico!)

Are you in love?! I am! You can pre-order prints NOW for the roll-out on June 6th (my hubby's bday!)

Thanks, as always, for all the love and support this little community has surrounded me with.



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