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Tiny Art is a Big Deal

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Hi friends!

I wanted to give you all the inside scoop on BIG news happening in a TINY way. My miniature art collection for The Designer Dollhouse will finally be available to the public on October 1st!

The Earring, oil on wood, 2.5" diameter. $175.00

What is it?

There are several fine art collections, which will be available in limited quantities. All works are miniature in scale, 2.5" and smaller, oil on wood or canvas supports.

That means that if you are speed reading through your e-mails on Tuesday morning that the shop is OPEN. Eek, so excited!

How did we get here?

This has been a labor of love, since well, childhood. Amanda, the mastermind behind The Designer Dollhouse, and I have been creating small businesses since we could hold a crayon. We met in Kindergarten when I was five - yes you read that right - where we crafted newspapers, cooking shows (it was a real Martha Stewart inspired vibe), and a mean batch of Jiff corn muffins.

Ashley + Amanda at a Christmas parade at Holly Hill Elementary

Since then we've both been honing our crafts. Amanda has become a successful interior designer (life-scale) in South Florida and I've since earned my MFA in Painting and am now teaching Art.

The Kids - the goat collection will drop Oct. 18th in honor of Doreen Whiting. Proceeds will go to cancer research. Doreen had an obsession with all things goats. Her birthday would have been October 18th. <3

We married our loves of the fine arts, design, and small works to bring the following collections:

  • Josef Albers Inspo

  • Impasto Landscapes

  • Projection Collection

  • Hip 2B Square

I can't wait for you all to see these deliciously small oil paintings!



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